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WOLF & RITAの歴史は30年以上前にポルトガルに生まれた仕立てシャツメーカーから始まります。長い経験から培われた衣服製造技術、高品質のファブリック、シンプルかつ洗練されたデザインというクラシックベースと、現代のトレンドとスタイルというモダンベースを融合させたWOLF & RITAは、他ブランドにはないひと味違ったクリエイティビティを創り出しています。仕立ての素晴らしいラグジュアリー感とデイリーユーズとしての実用性が共鳴したコレクションは、おしゃれに敏感なパパやママも納得の仕上がり。100% ポルトガル製の証は品質と地域社会支援も意味しています。

The idea behind Wolf & Rita emerged from a history of specialized shirts making that started more than 30 years ago. After such a long period of time producing garments for other brands, the decision to create our own brand came as a natural step. Embracing the use of old techniques and the natural expertise that comes with experience, Wolf & Rita presents shirts for boys and girls. In our collections we combine simple and sofisticated design with high-quality fabrics and manufacturing, combining both classical and latest trends and styles, we want parents to be able to choose an adequate shirt for their children, just as they would choose for themselves. Wolf & Rita cultivates the savoir faire and inspiration of the past to create modern shirts for everyday use. We hope you enjoy wearing our shirts as much as we enjoy making them. Our fabrics and trimmings are of the finest quality and always locally outsourced. We aim to present the tag 100% Made in Portugal as a proof of quality, but also as a means of supporting our local community.